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Friday, 9 September 2016

How To Lead Generation?

Lead Generation
What is our business?
 I.            Lead generation is the most important aspect of real estate business.
II.            The whole cycle starts once you get a lead
III.            All successful brokers have one thing in common: an efficient and effective lead generation system

Importance of lead generation
 I.            Keeps your business going
II.            Cyclical nature of our business
III.            Momentum
IV.            Brand awareness
V.            Education to all
VI.            Shoes your ompetence in market
VII.            Reflects your character/ company profile

Types of Leads:
 I.            Buyer
II.            Seller
III.            Tenant
IV.            Investor
V.            Landlords

whom to target?
 I.            There are about 50 real estate agents every buyer kanows.
II.            No one would come to help a seller though!
III.            Buyers are fickle while sellers are desperate
IV.            An exclusive mandate with a seller has proven to be the most revenue strategy ever for a realtor.
Lead life cycle:
 I.            When are the customers approaching you?
II.            Is it too late in the decision making step that you cannot add value to customer?
III.            Get the customers before they decide all parameters of their buying/ selling decision

Lead by referral:
 I.            One day I was sitting with a successful broker of his market and his phone rang.
II.            A customer had called who had dealt with him 5 years ago with a new requirement
III.            How will your phone ring with such call?
IV.            The biggest source of a mature broker is referral lead.
V.            For a buyer first person to come in mind as a realtor to do the business with.
VI.            Then you will get a stable supply of referral leads
VII.            The simplest way to generate referral lead:
A.     Do good work
VIII.            If you work in organized manner and give client satisfaction, they are bound torefer you.
IX.            Do we need to get in to business relationship to get referral business?
A.     It may statrt with your relative or lead servicing
X.            Use Brian Buffini’s training to get training on “working by referral”
XI.            The time tested tools of referral generation are
A.     Pop By
B.     Personal Notes
C.      Item Of Value

Match the market
1.     A one page flyer will not sell a 1 crore apartment
2.     If you are targeting a high end customer then you have to present appropriate material.


·        Contacts:

ü  Friends
ü  Sphere of influence
ü  Previous work place- EX-Co-workers
ü  Your child’s friends, school, tuition teacher

·        Internet Portals

ü  Your own listing can be put on Magicbricks,99acres etc
ü  Other agent’s listing to market

·        Simple Tip: print your website everywhere!
·        Online advertisement

ü  Google adword
ü  Facebook
ü  Internet portals

·        Your own website
·        Social Media : facebook/Twitter through your own network and profile updates
·        Refer to another training on this subject; “Role of Technology in Real Estate” for further details.
·        Advertisements in print media

ü  Classifieds
ü  Display

·        This is by far the most costliest mode of lead generation and cash positive as it is belived to be.
·        Biggest mistake: buying a package with a media company, usually it proves costly
·        Participation in Exhibitions like property shows etc.

ü  Property shows are now getting focused on class or assets/ geographical area
ü  Other exhibitions are not getting good results

Targeted Leads

·         Educating customers with:
ü  Buyer guider- Seller Guider
ü  Holding seminars
ü  Speaking at gatherings
ü  Legal update
ü  Regular emailing/ blogging/ updating Facebook
·         Networking
ü  In seminars related to investment / properties
ü  With people you meet everyday
ü  Wedding / parties / social gatherings
·         The idea is not just to give visiting cards, but to collect them!
·         Walk-ins to segment of people for e.g. a run down building or doctors
·         Just listed, Just Sold postcards
·         Database: Business Cards
·         Yellow Pages (now available on telephone)
·         Radio Advertisement
·         Tv advertisement like bus stop, hoarding etc.
·         No parking boards
·         Hpardings sponsorship of other shop keepers