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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Home buyers, so what mood are you in?

Gauging the mood and sentiment of buyers in a real estate scenario is important. Like it or not, buyers play a key role in determining the momentum of the market.  Buyers can be of two kinds - end users and investors. Which one of them are you?
Magicbricks is trying to understand the sentiment of buyers in the present market. Sentiment plays a significant role in driving markets. A survey - Housing Sentiment Index (HSI) has been built that will measure and quantify the buyers' mood or consumer sentiment and link this back to actual real estate performance.
The results of the survey will give an insight on how buyers and investors view the market, which in turn, influences their purchase decisions and aggregate demand. The results will also be early indicators of how markets would perform in the future.
Do your bit to uncover a layer of clarity to enhance transparency in the real-estate space.Take the survey