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Saturday, 11 June 2016

How To Increase Sale In Real Estate Company

Your Local Market

1. Local Events in your Area – Good way to stay up to date to this is to find websites in your area (Local Events Sites, Local Newspaper sites etc) and sign up for updates. This way when there’s an event, you can blog about it.

2. Events you’ve attended in the area

3. Community Events- Think Festivals or other events that tend to bring the community together

4. Write about a local business (Restaurant or other). If you’re writing about a business that has a website, let them know so that they can link back to you!

5. Housing Trends: Are home sales up or down? Is now a good time to buy? How are mortgage rates affecting buying?

6. Have any celebrities recently bought or sold in the area?

7. Luxury Properties – Put together a list of some of the most expensive properties currently for sale in your market, and don’t be afraid that you’d be happy to show said properties!

8. Cheap Properties – Put together a list of the cheapest properties in your market.

9. Best Valued Properties – Put together a list of some of the properties you think are valued the best.

10. Property Taxes – What can I expect in certain areas?

11. Schools – How are the schools in your area performing. Any recent news about a particular school? Anything someone considering a home in a particular neighborhood would want to know? How about creating a list or linking to a report or article ranking the best schools in your areas?

12. Job Opportunities – Did a big company just open a factory in your area? What are some good job opportunities?

13. Transportation – Do you service an area with a lot of commuters? If I’m looking for a property with easy access to a bus or railroad, what are my best bets? How long are commute times from these areas?

14. Politics – What are some hotly debated issues in your market? Be careful with this one!

15. HOA’s – What is a HOA? What are the benefits?

16. Crime – What are some of the local crime rates? Have those gone up or down? What are some safer neighborhoods?

Local Market Points of Interest and Activities

1. Restaurants – Where can you get the best bang for your buck? Who has the best burgers? What are some healthy eating options?

2. Parks – Create a list of some of the best parks in your area and include some photos

3. Golf- This could potentially be a huge topic for you if you specialize in Golf Homes. Where are the best courses? What are the best Golf Course communities?

4. Nightlife and Entertainment – Where’s the best place to get a drink after work? Where can I go if I feel the need to salsa?

5. Coffee – Coffee lovers unite! Where can I find the best or most unique cup of joe in the area?

6. Local Getaways & Day Trips – Where can I go if I need to just get away, but not too far away?

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