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Monday, 15 August 2016

Lucknow; An Ideal Place to Dwell

Lucknow is the most commonly known as ‘the city of Nawabs’ and it does live upto its name. It has been seen that Tier 2 cities have a busy lifestyle and fast paced schedule. But when it comes to Lucknow, then the scenario is completely different. Despite being a top city in the state, Lucknow has quite a laid back attitude. In old Lucknow you can easily spot people standing near tea shop and gossiping. Here people always have time to speak to their loved ones and friends. In today’s time, where everybody has a deadline driven job, it becomes necessary to spend some time in peace and there are several places like Ambedkar Park, Kashiram Upwan to enjoy the evening.
The city of Lucknow is fast developing and the living standard of the people is rising day by day. The basic requirements to dwell in any city are power and water supply, good education, safety, transportaion and food& entertainment. Well, in all these departments Lucknow earns full marks. The city boasts of 21+ hours power and water supply, it has the best of convent schools and higher education institutes. Buses and other public transport system run throughout the city and hence any part of the city is easily approachable. As far as fooding habits are concerned, it has one of the best eateries right from Rattilal khaste, Ram Asrey sweets to Tudnay Kababi and Dastarkhawan. Above all these, Lucknow is considered a safe city as compared to other cities like Kanpur or Allahabad of the same state. Law and order is pretty much under control and the local crime graph is in decline mode.
All the above points clearly state that Lucknow can be treated as an ideal place to dwell and the city is better in many aspects and is quite inexpensive in comparison to its counterparts.

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